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Equivalence row looms over London ETF hub role

London’s role as the most important hub in Europe’s rapidly expanding $1tn exchange traded fund industry is clouded ...
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Friction hampers EU drive to switch clearing from the UK

Since the Brexit referendum four years ago, politicians and policymakers in Europe have worried that responsibility for market ...
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EU tensions build over when to present no-deal Brexit plans

Brussels is facing mounting frustration from EU member states over its reluctance to immediately present emergency measures that ...
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‘Mancos’ consolidate as Brexit transition deadline approaches

Hidden behind the high-profile announcements of City of London fund managers’ Brexit relocation plans, a revolution is quietly ...
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Brussels delay on insurance ‘green cards’ puts UK motorists in a jam

The European Commission is withholding a decision that would spare millions of British motorists additional paperwork when they ...
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Voice of British science fights for future of UK research

Venki Ramakrishnan reacted with incredulity to the two most momentous phone calls of his working life. In October ...
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No-deal Brexit is the UK’s biggest economic threat, not Covid

The writer is a former UK Lord Chancellor For some weeks, restless Conservative MPs have been asking the ...
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The Tories cannot avoid the tax question forever

This week’s UK spending review was remarkable not only for what the chancellor announced — that the economy ...
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English farmers face losing half their EU-style subsidies by 2024

Farmers in England face losing at least half of the subsidies they receive under the EU system by ...
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Barnier heads to London as impasse threatens EU-UK trade deal

The EU and UK will resume face-to-face Brexit trade talks on Saturday with negotiations still deadlocked barely a ...
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