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Johnson vows to business he will seize ‘opportunities of Brexit’

Boris Johnson has told 30 leading chief executives that he will seize “the opportunities of Brexit” and use ...
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UK ports demand help for British fish exporters

British ports on Monday called on the UK government to begin an “urgent discussion” with France to reduce ...
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Deregulation in the City/Brexit: the Big Whimper

UK chancellor Rishi Sunak harks back to the City deregulation of 1986 as he considers a post-Brexit shake-up ...
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Brexit Britain’s chance to strut its global stuff

FT premium subscribers can click here to receive Trade Secrets by email. Hello from Brussels. Two days to ...
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Financial services have been badly let down by Brexit

The writer is the mayor of London People who work in the UK’s financial services once believed that ...
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British business travellers face a bewildering return to the EU

A British lorry driver’s ham sandwich confiscated by Dutch border guards. Scottish seafood exporters’ boats tied up because ...
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Britain risks own goal with labour market plans

Post-Brexit Britain would, according to Boris Johnson’s Conservative government, be free to do many things. It would have ...
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Scotland fishing lobby derides ‘desperately poor’ EU trade deal

Scotland’s most influential fishing lobby on Friday denounced Boris Johnson’s trade agreement with the EU as “desperately poor” ...
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Irish freight industry warns of Brexit threat to supply chains

Ireland’s freight transport industry has warned of “huge disruption” to important supply chains once pre-Brexit stockpiles are run ...
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From Suez to Brexit and back again: Britain’s long search for a role

A distinguished Whitehall scientist sounded the alarm. Henry Tizard had served during the war as a special emissary ...
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