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Leavers will forever blame Brussels for Brexit’s failure

It has been two months since the UK discarded the last vestiges of its membership of the EU ...
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Tensions between EU and UK inflamed over Northern Ireland

EU-UK relations have been plunged into a new crisis after Brussels warned Britain would break international law by ...
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FT 1000: the fifth annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

Europe’s high-growth companies are facing another year of slower progress as the pandemic continues to constrain business activity. ...
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Travel jobs at risk because of Brexit, say trade groups

Thousands of seasonal staff employed by the British travel industry who previously based themselves in EU resorts are ...
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Post-Brexit UK should craft itself as a services trading hub

The writer chairs the London School of Economics economic diplomacy commission After Brexit, the UK has an opportunity ...
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Fintech offers UK a way out of the Brexit bind

Britain’s departure from the EU has so far thrown up more challenges than opportunities for the country’s finance ...
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New approach to data is a great opportunity for the UK post-Brexit

The writer is secretary of state for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport As you read this, thousands of people ...
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Chancellor spots break in clouds after Brexit, Covid and battered finances

Rishi Sunak will next week deliver a Budget in the shadow of a pandemic, in the aftermath of ...
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Cancer drug is first to begin fast-track UK approval process

A treatment for a rare genetic disease that causes cancer has become the first drug to benefit from ...
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Northern Ireland protocol will remain a source of tension

Welcome back. Do you work in an industry that has been affected by the UK’s departure from the EU ...
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