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EU envoy says bloc is committed to resolving N Ireland dispute

The EU ambassador to the UK has vowed that the bloc will not be “bureaucratic” as it seeks ...
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Boris Johnson’s ‘madman’ strategy dumbfounded Brussels’ Brexit chief

Michel Barnier openly wondered whether Boris Johnson was pursuing a “madman strategy” in Brexit negotiations and came close ...
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La Grande Illusion — Michel Barnier on Brexit, ‘baroque’ Boris and broken promises

Michel Barnier was often puzzled and just as frequently shocked by the antics of his British counterparts and ...
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UK ends damaging post-Brexit clash over status of EU envoy

UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab has finally ended a corrosive diplomatic dispute over the status of the EU’s ...
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France threatens to cut power to Jersey as fishing tensions rise

France has threatened to cut off its power supply to Jersey in the Channel Islands, as tensions rise ...
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UK motorists hope to swerve round post-Brexit paperwork

Brussels is moving towards granting the UK’s drivers an exemption from having to carry additional paperwork when they ...
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Northern Ireland adds to pressures on the UK union

Rarely have the ties that bind the United Kingdom seemed so at risk of coming undone. Elections to ...
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Brussels signals flexibility on post-Brexit rules for N Ireland

Brussels indicated on Monday it is willing to be flexible to ease the impact of post-Brexit trade checks ...
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UK stocks: vaccine rollout and trade deal lift signal end of Brexit discount

Brexit imposed large discounts on UK shares compared with developed global rivals. The pandemic knocked valuations down further. ...
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UK accused of reneging on sustainable fishing pledge

The UK has been accused of reneging on its pledge to nurture a sustainable fishing industry after Brexit ...
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