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ECB pushes banks to boost their post-Brexit operations

The European Central Bank is pushing banks to add hundreds of extra staff and billions of extra capital ...
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More Saudi women join the workforce

Global financial watchdog likely to 'grey-list' Turkey Your browser does not support playing this file but you can ...
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UK supply chain crisis to last until at least 2023, business leaders warn

The UK’s supply chain crisis will continue into 2023 and beyond, driving up inflation and delaying Prime Minister ...
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France and the UK should be ashamed of their immature squabbles

The writer is special adviser to the Institut Montaigne and a visiting research professor at King’s College London In ...
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The UK approach to Northern Ireland is one of casual political vandalism

The writer was chief British negotiator in NI from 1997-2007There could hardly be a starker contrast in negotiating ...
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Prime ministerial Twitter spat risks overshadowing EU summit

Good morning and welcome to Europe Express.It’s not often that EU prime ministers trade barbs on Twitter, but ...
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Brussels urged to prepare contingency plan for UK trade war

Leading EU member states are pressing Brussels to draw up tough retaliatory measures should the UK carry out ...
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A week of 2019 flashbacks

Good afternoon, and welcome to the restyled “Britain after Brexit” newsletter, which — the clue is in the ...
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Shortage nation: why the UK is braced for a grim Christmas

As I was finishing the first draft of this story, the lights went off. The power to my ...
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Can EU offer on Northern Ireland checks resolve Brexit dispute with UK?

Almost three months after the UK demanded far-reaching reform of the Brexit deal’s trading arrangements for Northern Ireland, ...
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