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City of London grapples with post-Brexit regulation

A wave of UK government reforms designed to make the City of London more attractive after Brexit has ...
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Wales is on path to austerity after EU funds cut, says minister

Wales is heading towards a new era of austerity after losing £375m a year in EU economic aid ...
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Wales voted to leave EU but now finds itself in conflict with Johnson government

Welcome back. Do you work in an industry that has been affected by the UK’s departure from the EU ...
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‘Confusing’ Brexit support fund deters SMEs from applying

A UK government scheme set up to help small businesses handle the disruption and paperwork associated with Brexit ...
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Brussels pauses legal action against UK over Brexit deal breach

Brussels has paused legal action against the UK government in an attempt to de-escalate tensions over customs rules ...
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Wizz Air shareholders back £100m pay plan for CEO Varadi

Wizz Air’s chief executive Jozsef Varadi has won shareholder approval for a potential £100m payout in a controversial ...
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Nigel Farage scents opportunity in UK’s migrant boat quandary

As he stood on the deck of a boat bobbing in the English Channel, with matching blue shades ...
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UK’s shadow chancellor promises Labour will repair trade ties with EU

Rachel Reeves, UK shadow chancellor, has committed Labour to working with Brussels to fill in “gaps” in Boris ...
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Britain undermines its own case in Northern Ireland

One can hardly blame the EU for a sense of irritation at the latest British effort to relitigate ...
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UK to scrap post-Brexit import certificates for wine

The UK government said on Sunday it would axe some post-Brexit red tape on wine imports following warnings ...
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