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Brexit and the City: Brussels’ new battle to rival London in finance

Within hours of the UK’s Brexit referendum result in 2016, Jason Waight and colleagues at electronic trading platform ...
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Coronavirus response tests Britons’ confidence in the country

More than 40 per cent of Britons have lost confidence in the UK’s ability to handle a no-deal ...
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Theresa May refuses to back ‘reckless’ internal market bill

Former prime minister Theresa May denounced the government’s internal market bill on Monday night, arguing that it would ...
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Lawyers offer Johnson help to break state aid impasse in EU talks

A group of the UK’s most senior state aid lawyers have written to Boris Johnson offering to help ...
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Outgoing FCA chief calls for highest post-Brexit regulatory standards

The outgoing head of the UK’s financial sector regulator has called for the maintenance of the “highest international ...
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Migrants responsible for UK’s growth of top incomes and taxes

The vast majority of growth in top incomes and taxes in the UK over the past 20 years ...
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Northern Ireland back in centre of Brexit storm

If Boris Johnson hoped that unpicking his Brexit treaty would appease pro-British unionists in Northern Ireland who oppose ...
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Crosby backs Johnson to neuter EU with a ‘bit of crazy’ negotiation

Boris Johnson’s threat to break international law is the little “bit of crazy” required to knock Brussels off ...
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The UK’s constitution is not working

The writer is an FT contributing editor Despite all the political excitement and drama of the past five ...
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Labour enters annual conference with goal of regaining public trust

After five years under Jeremy Corbyn’s leftwing leadership, the UK Labour party enters the “virtual” party conference season ...
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