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Stock exchanges prepare to activate their Brexit contingency plans

London’s biggest share trading venues are preparing to switch on their Brexit contingency plans, reflecting fears in the ...
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Double-dip recession concerns, UK lockdowns, Brexit markets

Economists warn Europe’s economy could hit a double-dip recession with Covid-19 second wave Economists worry rising coronavirus infections ...
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Johnson to warn ‘time running out’ to prepare for end of Brexit transition

Boris Johnson will this week warn business leaders that “time is running out” to prepare for the end ...
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Time is running short to resolve the Brexit drama

Theatrics and brinkmanship have become a wearyingly familiar part of Brexit. Downing Street’s declaration on Friday that talks ...
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UK farmers fret over organic exports to EU next year

UK farmers face a ban on exporting their products to the EU under the “organic” label from January ...
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British boats thrown lifeline over double VAT after Brexit

British yacht owners with boats moored in the Mediterranean have been thrown a temporary lifeline after the UK ...
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Remdesivir and Covid-19 deaths, Brexit crisis, US suburbanites

The World Health Organization has found the Covid-19 treatment remdesivir does little to prevent deaths and Boris Johnson ...
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Boris Johnson ready to force Brexit crisis with no-deal ultimatum

Boris Johnson is on Friday expected to try to force Brexit trade talks to a moment of crisis, ...
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Who will blink first as EU-UK talks near danger zone?

It was always going to come to this, but the EU-UK trade negotiations are now entering the danger ...
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What Leavers and Remainers really think now

What do Britons think about Brexit now, as trade talks between the UK and EU approach their climax? ...
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