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Doubts over EU regulations deal raise prospect of higher City costs

On a Monday morning, just over a year ago, investment firms across the EU found they were no ...
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England’s farmers braced for post-Brexit subsidy gap

For Will Benson, taking over the tenancy of a National Trust-owned sheep and cattle farm in the Lake ...
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EU settled status applicants exceed official tally

The number of EU migrants who have applied for the right to stay in the UK after Brexit ...
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Hardline Brexit stance threatens City market access, UK warned

Britain's determination to break away from EU rules is jeopardising the City of London's future access to the ...
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Brexit negotiators hunt for a breakthrough in London talks

Brexit talks will this week move to London for the first time since future-relationship discussions began in March, ...
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Brexit shutout looms for UK funds as market access talks falter

The risk of UK funds being frozen out of the European market at the end of the year ...
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Will EU talks improve the pound’s prospects?

Sterling will be back in investors’ sights on Monday, when UK and EU negotiators are scheduled to meet ...
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UK in talks to join EU coronavirus vaccine plan

The UK is in talks to join an EU plan to secure supplies of potential coronavirus vaccines in ...
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Barnier hints he is ready to address UK’s red line on European court

Michel Barnier has indicated he is ready to accept Britain’s rejection of the European Court of Justice in ...
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Sterling’s faded illusion of sovereignty

Margaret Thatcher once told me that she would never allow “the Belgians” to decide the value of the ...
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