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UK pushes back on Brexit promises on EU regional trademarks

The UK is pushing to water down its obligation to recognise valuable EU regional food trademarks for products ...
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Brexit: lost in transition

The British government has been doing its best to ignore the derailment of its Brexit strategy. By this ...
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Pandemic reshapes British and EU politics

Across Europe the coronavirus pandemic is starting to reshape national political landscapes. Despite Brexit, the UK forms part ...
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Brussels parliamentary group calls on UK to seek Brexit extension

The most powerful political group in the European Parliament has called on Britain to request an extension to ...
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EU sharpens its weapons to see off the looters and pillagers

Hello from Brussels. You won’t believe this, but the UK government is still currently planning for the Brexit ...
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Coronavirus crisis demands extended Brexit transition

Officially, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government have no plans to ask the EU for an extension ...
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Carmakers dust off Brexit plans to deal with factory shutdowns

Carmakers across the UK are dusting off plans drawn up to cope with Brexit to help their businesses ...
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Food security: the lie of the land

One silver lining of Brexit (remember that?) was supposed to be greater self-sufficiency. British farmers saw hiked tariffs ...
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Michel Barnier tests positive for coronavirus

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has tested positive for the coronavirus, becoming the first senior Brussels ...
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Liverpool holds fast to its Irish identity post-Brexit

Brexit is not just an economic wrench for the UK but an emotional one too. And nowhere more ...
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