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City of London bosses warn against post-Brexit deregulation

City of London bosses have urged the UK government to tread carefully after it promised sweeping post-Brexit deregulation, ...
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Britain risks own goal with labour market plans

Post-Brexit Britain would, according to Boris Johnson’s Conservative government, be free to do many things. It would have ...
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Scotland fishing lobby derides ‘desperately poor’ EU trade deal

Scotland’s most influential fishing lobby on Friday denounced Boris Johnson’s trade agreement with the EU as “desperately poor” ...
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Irish freight industry warns of Brexit threat to supply chains

Ireland’s freight transport industry has warned of “huge disruption” to important supply chains once pre-Brexit stockpiles are run ...
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From Suez to Brexit and back again: Britain’s long search for a role

A distinguished Whitehall scientist sounded the alarm. Henry Tizard had served during the war as a special emissary ...
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UK workers’ rights at risk in plans to rip up EU labour market rules

Worker protections enshrined in EU law — including the 48-hour week — would be ripped up under plans ...
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Coronavirus sparks exodus of foreign-born people from UK

Coronavirus has sparked an exodus of immigrants from the UK and what is likely to be the largest ...
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Arlene Foster faces wrath of unionists over Brexit shortages

Empty supermarket shelves and the prospect of prolonged shortages thanks to Brexit red tape have left Arlene Foster, ...
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Northern Ireland needs pragmatism, not more political rhetoric, as it faces Brexit

Welcome back. Do you work in an industry that has been affected by the UK’s departure from the EU ...
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Weekly Briefing: Attention turns to the structure of next phase Brexit talks

Writing for ConservativeHome, Open Europe’s Acting Director, Stephen Booth, examines what lies ahead for the next phase of the Brexit ...
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