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Starmer blames Corbyn for Labour’s election defeat

Labour leader Keir Starmer has claimed that the main reason the party lost the December general election was ...
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Brussels and Britain clash over climate conditions in trade deal

The UK is resisting EU moves to incorporate guarantees on respecting international climate change commitments in a future ...
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Northern Ireland tensions threaten to derail long-term EU-UK deal

The tensions flaring up between the UK and EU over Northern Ireland’s future under Brexit augur badly for ...
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UK steps up plans to train 50,000 form fillers for post-Brexit trade

Ministers are stepping up co-operation with business to train up to 50,000 people who will be needed to ...
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Britain demands EU give ground to save talks on future relationship

Boris Johnson has warned that the European Union must give ground onthree key areas if there is to ...
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Coronavirus and hard Brexit — the last combination the UK needs

FT premium subscribers can click here to receive Trade Secrets by email. Hi from Brussels. If there’s one ...
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EU to press Britain on how it will honour Northern Ireland deal

Brussels will push the UK for clarity on how it intends to apply post-Brexit checks to trade with ...
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Doubts hang over Boris Johnson’s virus transparency pledge

Boris Johnson, UK prime minister, marked his return to Downing Street after recovering from coronavirus with a pledge ...
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Investors turn bearish on the pound

Investors have increased their bets against the UK pound to the highest level of the year, raising the ...
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Weekly Briefing: Attention turns to the structure of next phase Brexit talks

Writing for ConservativeHome, Open Europe’s Acting Director, Stephen Booth, examines what lies ahead for the next phase of the Brexit ...
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