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A dual autonomy approach would help with the Northern Ireland protocol

The writer is Chair of European Public Affairs at Brunswick Group and was formerly a director-general at the ...
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Medical devices industry tests UK plans for post-Brexit divergence

Hopes of the UK becoming a global innovation hub for new medical devices after Brexit will be stifled ...
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UK and EU find it easier to disagree than compromise on Northern Ireland

The writer is an adviser at consultancy Global Counsel and was special adviser on Europe to Theresa MayThere ...
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UK competition watchdog to gain new post-Brexit powers

Britain’s competition watchdog is to be given new post-Brexit powers to levy huge fines on companies that rip ...
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‘I’m getting out’: Britain’s antiques dealers hit by Brexit

It is a modest living but for the past 20 years Ruth Butterworth has managed to turn a ...
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How to solve Brexit’s Northern Ireland protocol stalemate

Welcome back. Do you work in an industry that has been affected by the UK’s departure from the EU ...
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UK estimates current Brexit divorce bill to EU at £37.3bn

The UK has put the current estimate of its Brexit bill, the financial settlement after it left the ...
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British fishing industry warns of ‘toxic’ post-Brexit EU-UK relations

Arguments between the EU and UK over fishing quotas will remain “politically toxic” for decades after British fleets ...
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US investors promise more UK investment in spite of Brexit worries

More than half of the large US businesses with operations in the UK plan to increase investment in ...
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Brexit brings hallmark havoc for UK jewellers

Towards the end of last year, UK jewellers selling in Europe were braced for sweeping post-Brexit changes to ...
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