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New financial forum fails to hide deep EU-UK divisions

Welcome back. Do you work in an industry that has been affected by the UK’s departure from the EU ...
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Irish PM calls on UK and EU to ‘reset’ relations

Ireland’s prime minister has called on the UK and EU to “reset” their relationship so they can work ...
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How two decades of EU migration went into reverse

Marcin Poltorak still has the one-way bus ticket that took him from Krakow, Poland, to Manchester in August ...
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N Ireland hospitality sector faces Brexit ‘trouble’ after lockdown

The Northern Ireland hospitality sector will face severe Brexit-related difficulties as it comes out of coronavirus lockdown after ...
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Brussels squares up to UK in fight over euro swaps clearing

The EU is gearing up for a campaign to seize greater control of one of the City of ...
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Bank of England clamps down on Brexit-driven EU relocations

The Bank of England is demanding that lenders seek its approval before relocating UK jobs or operations to ...
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Westminster should not refuse Scotland a referendum

The writer is a former UK prime ministerAfter the breakaway from the EU, focus is turning to the ...
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UK and EU reach financial regulation deal in breakthrough on co-operation

The EU and UK have reached a deal on how to co-operate in shaping rules for banks and ...
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The home in 50 objects #36: Brexit Ware

“Am left reeling after the referendum results.” Writing in her blog in June 2016, potter Harriet Coles echoed ...
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Weekly Briefing: Attention turns to the structure of next phase Brexit talks

Writing for ConservativeHome, Open Europe’s Acting Director, Stephen Booth, examines what lies ahead for the next phase of the Brexit ...
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