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Boris Johnson can battle business but he can’t ignore economics

So it turns out that when Boris Johnson said “fuck business”, he really meant it. The defining characteristic ...
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Divorcing expats eye London to settle claims post-Brexit

Divorcing English expatriates are turning to London’s family courts to settle costly maintenance claims following a change in ...
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Johnson steps up battle with business over UK supply chain crisis

Boris Johnson will on Wednesday escalate a row with business when he tells the Conservative party conference that ...
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EU moves to reduce Gibraltar border tensions with UK

EU member states have reduced tensions with the UK over Gibraltar - one of the post-Brexit points of ...
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‘Blame game’ plays out between UK government and business

Employers have hit back at the government’s “horrifying” anti-business rhetoric after senior Conservatives accused companies of becoming hooked ...
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Frost threatens to suspend part of Northern Ireland deal with EU

The British government will suspend parts of the Brexit deal covering trade with Northern Ireland if it does ...
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Labour shortages must not be seen as simple case of business vs Brexit

It’s been a year since British business was told Brexit was a bit like moving house. “It’s a ...
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Sunak pledges £500m to boost UK workforce as supply crises threaten Tories

Rishi Sunak, chancellor, will on Monday set aside £500m to help UK-based people find jobs, as the government ...
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Anger over delays to body meant to scrutinise UK post-Brexit trade deals

The UK government is facing fresh accusations from MPs that it is failing to follow through fully on ...
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