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EU and UK edge closer to trade war over London’s NI protocol demands

The UK and the EU edged closer to a trade war on Sunday after Brussels rejected London’s demands ...
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EU’s Northern Ireland concessions do not go far enough, UK to warn

The EU must still make significant changes to the contentious Northern Ireland protocol if the arrangement is to ...
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Brussels offers to scrap many N Ireland border controls to ease tensions

Brussels is offering to scrap many border controls between Northern Ireland and the British mainland in an attempt ...
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Johnson delivers a flimsy package of anti-business boosterism

The writer, a former head of the Number 10 Policy Unit, is a Harvard senior fellowAre we nearing ...
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Clearing will determine if Brexit self-harm goes both ways

The UK knows well that the political ideology of Brexit can trump both economics and plain old common ...
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Get ready for the next round of Brexit poker

Having spent last week observing the Labour party still shying away from Brexit at its annual conference in ...
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The souring of the Anglo-French relationship

When last month’s “Aukus” defence deal between Canberra, London and Washington sank France’s plans to sell submarines to ...
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Boris Johnson can battle business but he can’t ignore economics

So it turns out that when Boris Johnson said “fuck business”, he really meant it. The defining characteristic ...
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Divorcing expats eye London to settle claims post-Brexit

Divorcing English expatriates are turning to London’s family courts to settle costly maintenance claims following a change in ...
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