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Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin abre el día cayendo debajo de los USD 60.000 (Cripto Noticias)

Hechos clave: Por primera vez desde el 15 de octubre, Bitcoin cayó por debajo de los USD 60.000. ...
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Largest AI-Created NFT Collection of Global Leaders’ Portraits Launched on Binance (Coinidol)

Oct 27, 2021 at 09:30 // News “The Presidents,” the world’s first NFT collection to feature 20,000 portraits ...
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Work in progress…S19J heat into cardboard box, heat pulled into house with an in-line duct fan. Rigged? Sure. Does it heat my house? A comfortable 67-68 degrees! (Reddit Bitcoin)

A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. ...
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More Diversity For Bitcoin ETFs With Two New Filings (Cryptocoin)

.The ETF issuers Direxion and Valkyrie have filed for new Bitcoin ETFs, one with leverage and one to ...
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Portal Announces Mid-November Public Equity Sale In Partnership With (Zycrypto)

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Portal, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Bitcoin blockchain, is announcing its mid-November ...
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GameStop Eyes Metaverse as Company Releases Job Listings for Ethereum-Based NFT Experts (Coinspeaker)

GameStop is moving towards the direction of NFTs, another indicator that the company is eyeing the Metaverse.It appears ...
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PomPom: The Cute Pomeranian Meme Token Is Launching This Weekend (Zycrypto)

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp The time is near and the PomPom launch is now only days away. The community ...
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Twitter Says Apple’s Updated Privacy Features Hurt Less than Expected as It Reports Q3 2021 Earnings, TWTR Stock Up 4% (Coinspeaker)

Twitter reported its Q3 earnings and revealed that its performance was not significantly affected by Apple’s updated privacy ...
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Shiba Inu Shatters New Highs, On Path To Ousting DOGE — But Can It Reach $0.001? (Zycrypto)

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp On Wednesday, Shiba Inu rose by over 30% on the day and 165% in the ...
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États-Unis : la SEC désignée pour la régulation des stablecoins américains (Cryptoast)

La SEC va réguler les stablecoins américains Selon le grand média financier américain Bloomberg, les organismes locaux de ...
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