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Crypto Currencies

Preparing for taproot – In depth Article on Bitcoin's Taproot Upgrade (Reddit Bitcoin)

A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. ...
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Antiquités Chaumont (

Nouvel ajout à la liste des établissements français qui acceptent le bitcoin dans sa boutique en ligne : Antiquités Chaumont ...
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Single Mining Farm Needs as Much Power as 24,000 Homes, Kazakhstan Estimates ( News)

Authorities in Kazakhstan have calculated the energy used in the country’s crypto mining industry which competes for electricity ...
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3 millions d’adresses e-mail volées et en vente sur le darkweb proviendraient du site CoinMarketCap (Conseils Crypto)

3,1 millions d’adresses e-mail volées correspondant à des bases de données CoinMarketCap sont en vente sur le darkweb. ...
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New Polygon Ecosystem Index (PECO) lets you bet on the performance of Polygon (MATIC) projects (Cryptoslate)

Amun, a leader in DeFi index products, announced this week the launch of the Polygon Ecosystem Index (PECO) ...
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La Chine, prête à se raviser sur Bitcoin ? (JournalDuCoin)

Une grossière erreur de la part de Chine ? – La Chine commence à réaliser que bannir le minage ...
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China Sort of Bans NFTs, But Local Internet Giants Keep Entering This Field (

Yuri Molchan Chinese authorities are prohibiting NFTs but allow digital collectibles instead; however, Internet giants keep entering the ...
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IOTA launches beta smart contracts; argues it’s not an ‘Ethereum killer’ (AMBCrypto)

IOTA, a smart contracts platform redesigning the distributed ledger technology, has released the beta version of the network’s ...
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Houston Pension Funds Invests In Bitcoin (BTC) (Usethebitcoin)

With the expansion of the cryptocurrency market, several pension funds are starting to look at Bitcoin (BTC) and ...
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Binance Smart Chain Devs Propose Ethereum-Like Gas Fee Burning Mechanism ( News)

Developers of the Binance Smart Chain, the Binance-backed decentralized blockchain platform, have proposed applying a mechanism to burn ...
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