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Crypto Currencies

Premiers tests réussis pour la blockchain de la Banque de France (Cryptoast)

5 mois après le lancement de son expérimentation, la Banque de France vient d’annoncer dans un communiqué de ...
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Zoom finally resolves massive service outage experienced by users (Micky)

Zoom users recently experienced a massive service disruption, particularly with hosting and joining meetings. Zoom has become an ...
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FESSChain announces ‘Hottest Crypto Trade Fest of the Year 2020′ (Zycrypto)

Advertisement     If you are a pro trader then FESS is coming with a Trade competition on ...
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Blockchain and Privacy. A myth or reality? (Zycrypto)

Advertisement     Blockchain has come a long way from being just the underlying technology behind Bitcoin and ...
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Harmony Blockchain Mainnet Now Supports Staking Along With Sharding

The open blockchain platform Harmony announced that it will now support staking in a bid to create a ...
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Miner Revenues Crash, But This Has Always Marked Bitcoin Price Bottoms

The revenue of Bitcoin (BTC) miners dropped to early 2019 levels for the second time in 2020. Every ...
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Bitcoin Has 140 times More Daily Active Addresses Than XRP

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to lead the popularity contest among the top cryptocurrencies —  but it has fewer addresses ...
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Researchers in Philippines Track Crypto Use By Terrorists

A report published by the Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research (PIPVTR) reveals that terrorist groups ...
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Overstock Airdrops 4.37m Security Tokens to Shareholders

Overstock has successfully distributed its ‘digital dividend’, issuing ‘OSTKO’ security tokens to its stockholders on a basis of ...
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