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Crypto Currencies

You can now trade on Uniswap without leaving Twitter

Mask Network has launched a trading widget allowing Twitter users to access market data and trade Ethereum-based crypto ...
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Mandatory KYC verification may contradict privacy laws in South Korea

With the South Korean government preparing to implement know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance processes, there is ...
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Glassnode: Uniswap team may have misled community over team token vesting

A recent post from Glassnode has called Uniswap's decentralization into question, while insinuating that the platform's developers might have intentionally ...
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3 reasons why traders turned bullish after Bitcoin price surged to $10.7K

Today the price of Bitcoin (BTC) abruptly rose by 6% from $10,136 to as high as $10,743.  After ...
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100M people worldwide now use crypto-based assets, says Cambridge study

Researchers at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance recently revealed that 100 million people around the world currently ...
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Brazil plans to track COVID-19 vaccinations using blockchain tech

A recent YouTube webinar from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security hosted discussion on blockchain's usefulness in several ...
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Coinbase wallet users targeted by new Android malware

A newly discovered trojan, known as Alien, is attacking crypto apps on Android phones, including Coinbase,, and Luno. This ...
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Israeli regulators propose Bitcoin be taxed as a currency, not an asset

Four members of the Israeli legislature are recommending that digital currencies be treated more like fiat for tax ...
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Finance Redefined: Uniswap’s bang ends in whimper, Sept. 16-23

The biggest event of this week was definitely the sudden release of Uniswap’s token, UNI, which enriched many ...
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New Loom Network CEO clarifies concerning information published by former employee

One of Loom Network's former employees recently leaked information about the company's Kickstarter-funded game, Relentless (also called Zombie ...
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