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Aukus pact: France and US seek to mend rift

The deal caused outrage in France, which lost a contract to build submarines for Australia.
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'Side-eying Chloe' Clem to sell iconic meme as NFT

The image of Chloe Clem could fetch her tens of thousands of dollars at auction.
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Melvin Van Peebles: 'Godfather of black cinema' dies at 89

Melvin Van Peebles, famous for 70s films including Watermelon Man, died in New York aged 89.
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Morocco's Khadija rape case: Eleven jailed for 20 years

The woman's lawyer says he will appeal, describing the 20-year sentences as "not tough."
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Somalis enjoy first public film screening in 30 years

The war-ravaged country's national theatre showed two short films by Somali director Ibrahim CM.
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Afghanistan's female volleyball players tell of threats and fear

Afghan female volleyball players tell the BBC that one of the squad was killed last month.
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Humanity reaching a turning point on climate – UK PM

World leaders must make major changes in four areas - "coal, cars, cash and trees", Boris Johnson says.
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Fighter, juggler, spaceman – who is Oleksandr Usyk?

Oleksandr Usyk fights Anthony Joshua on Saturday - but who is the grinning Ukrainian who loves juggling?
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Angela Merkel: Four expert verdicts on a contested legacy

When the German chancellor steps down, how will history remember her? Four experts have their say.
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Grim echoes of history in images of Haitians at US-Mexico border

Pictures of border officers rounding up black men have drawn comparisons to US slave patrols.
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