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Germany elections: Final rallies before Sunday's knife-edge vote

The politicians vying to replace Angela Merkel as German chancellor make final appeals ahead of Sunday's vote.
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China frees Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig after Huawei boss released

Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were released after tech executive Meng Wanzhou was freed in Canada.
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Quad countries vow to work for freedom in region

The leaders of the US, Japan, India and Australia also launched a new climate initiative at the US ...
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German elections 2021: Simple guide to vote ending Merkel era

Germans are choosing a new government on Sunday. This is how the vote works.
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Actor Michael K Williams died of accidental drug overdose, coroner confirms

The actor died after overdosing on a combination of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine.
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Music company buys NFT of 'Side-eyeing Chloe' meme

The image of two-year-old Chloe Clem making a disapproving face was auctioned in cryptocurrency.
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Gambia's Jammeh pact bombshell: Treachery or reconciliation?

A political pact that could see the return of Gambia's exiled ex-President Jammeh proves divisive.
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Sustainable fashion: From the red carpet to our wardrobes?

Hannah Peel wore a sustainable dress to the Mercury Awards - but is the fashion industry changing?
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La Palma volcano: Visual guide to what happened

A series of maps and charts explaining what happened after an eruption in the Spanish Canary Islands.
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Climate change: Whisper it cautiously… there's been progress in run up to COP26

Pledges made at the UN have lifted hopes for the Glasgow summit, but some major questions remain.
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