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Climate change action sidelined by Covid-19, say young activists

Some of the UK’s most prominent young environmental campaigners are making an urgent plea for global leaders to ...
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Covid: Chris Christie 'was wrong' to not wear masks

White House hosted Covid 'superspreader' event, says Dr Fauci
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Coronavirus French cities start month-long curfew

Scroll table to see more data *Deaths per 100,000 people Filter: Country Deaths Death rate* Total Cases New ...
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US election: Are white women voters wavering on Trump?

More white women voted for Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to research. But polls ...
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US election 2020: Early voting records smashed amid enthusiasm wave

Reports indicate that registered Democrats have so far outvoted registered Republicans - casting more than double the number ...
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Olive harvest in jeopardy as tensions rise at the West Bank

Tensions are rising between Israeli settlers and Palestinians, as the annual olive harvest begins in the West Bank. ...
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Israel-UAE peace deal 'big' for trade in Middle East

Israeli estimates suggest trade with the UAE could eventually total $4bn a year, creating 15,000 jobs.
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Coronavirus: Israel to ease second lockdown after cases decline

"However, there is no doubt that as of now there is a success here which they are already ...
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Hated Nigerian police unit 'turned to banditry'

The demonstrators have been using the hashtag #EndSars to push for their cause, which has since been endorsed ...
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Covid: Remdesivir 'has little or no effect' on survival, says WHO

For its Solidarity clinical trial, the WHO tested the effects four potential treatments - remdesivir, an Ebola drug, ...
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