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One dead after Canadian Snowbirds jet crashes into home

The Snowbirds jet was on a mission to boost the morale of Canadians fighting the spread of Covid-19.
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Coronavirus: Can India replace China as world’s factory?

Delhi is keen to exploit any shift in global investment flows prompted by the coronavirus crisis.
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Coronavirus: Fed chairman Powell warns downturn ‘may last until late 2021’

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell also warned the economic downturn "may last until late 2021".
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Coronavirus: Why Africans should take part in vaccine trials

Scientists in Africa explain that any trials would be properly regulated and so the scare stories should be ...
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Afghan maternity ward attack: The woman nursing the babies of murdered mothers

Firooza Omar volunteered to nurse newborns after a deadly attack on an Afghan maternity ward.
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Coronavirus: Health workers face violent attacks in Mexico

While in many countries doctors and nurses are being praised for their work on the coronavirus front line, ...
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Coronavirus: They grabbed my breasts and said, ‘You’re not a woman’

Panama's lockdown allows men and women out on alternate days - but for trans people it's been tough.
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Coronavirus: Fasting for Ramadan on the front line

What's it like to fast for Ramadan as a healthcare worker during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Coronavirus: Tears inside Milan’s quarantine hotel

Italy may be reopening shops, restaurants and hairdressers, but people here are still living in limbo.
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The man who bought 60,000 oil and gas wells

Rusty Hutson Jr is the boss of fast-growing US energy firm Diversified Gas & Oil.
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