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Switzerland to hold referendum on same-sex marriage

Voters in Switzerland go to the polls this Sunday to decide whether to allow same-sex marriage.
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Attacked by a hyena: My advice for a fellow victim

Nine-year-old Rodwell Nkomazana lost an eye, his nose, and his upper lip when he was mauled by a ...
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Ros Atkins On… Germany’s election explained

Ros Atkins explains how Germany’s election works, the candidates and the issues at stake.
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Afghanistan: Inside the prison staffed by former inmates released by the Taliban

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen goes inside Kabul's main jail, where former Taliban inmates are now caretakers.
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Meng Wanzhou: The PowerPoint that sparked an international row

After three years, Huawei's chief financial officer has a US extradition request against her dropped.
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R. Kelly trial: A look at the key moments as jury deliberates

The five-week trial heard harrowing details of abuse and assault. Here are the key moments.
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Elon Musk says he and partner Grimes are semi-separated

The SpaceX founder said that their work had seen them spending significant amounts of time apart.
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Canary Islands: Firefighters retreat as volcano intensifies

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands displaced since the volcano erupted on Sunday.
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One of NYC's poshest buildings facing $250m lawsuit over building defects

A posh building on NYC's Billionaire Row has been facing a series of serious woes.
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Angela Merkel: A career in pictures

As Angela Merkel steps down as German chancellor, we take a look back at the photos documenting her ...
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