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Tom Daley knits while watching Olympic springboard final

SharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingTom Daley - Olympic gold medallist, national treasure, LGBT icon… and non-stop knitter.The diving hero ...
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Laurel Hubbard: The reluctant history-maker at the centre of sport's transgender debate

"I'm not here to change the world," said Laurel Hubbard in 2017, the year she first competed as ...
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New Zealand apologises for raids on Pacific people

SharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingNew Zealand's Prime Minister has formally apologised for an immigration crackdown in the 1970s against ...
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Tokyo Olympics: Namibian athlete says 'You can't tell me now I am not a woman'

Namibia's Beatrice Masilingi is getting ready for the biggest moment of her young athletics career having had to ...
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Afghanistan: Taliban continue attacks on three major cities

SharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingimage sourceAFPFighting is raging around three major cities in south and west Afghanistan, as Taliban ...
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Turkey: Foreign tourists evacuated as wildfires threaten resorts

SharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingTourists have been evacuated from beaches in south-western Turkey, where raging wildfires are now threatening ...
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Anti-eviction lawmaker camps overnight on US Capitol steps

SharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingimage sourceReutersCongresswoman Cori Bush has spent a night on the steps of the US Capitol ...
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Tokyo Olympics: Charlotte Worthington wins BMX freestyle gold for Great Britain

Great Britain's Charlotte Worthington recovered from a fall on her first run to win a thrilling gold in ...
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Simone Biles withdraws from floor final at Tokyo Olympics

Dates: 23 July-8 August Time in Tokyo: BST +8Coverage: Watch live on BBC TV, BBC iPlayer, BBC Red ...
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Nairobi – the centre of East Africa's thriving arts scene

SharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingimage sourceAFPIn our series of letters from African journalists, Ismail Einashe shines a light on ...
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