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Pakistan plane crash: 'All I could see was fire'

Media playback is unsupported on your device One of the survivors of Friday's plane crash in the Pakistani ...
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Hertz: Car rental firm files for US bankruptcy protection

Car rental company Hertz has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US after the pandemic saw its business ...
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Ramadan: German church opens doors for Muslim prayers

A church in Berlin has opened its doors to Muslim worshippers unable to fit into their mosque under ...
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Coronavirus in Kenya: 'I buried my cousin on Facebook Live'

The chairs were placed at least 1m (3ft) apart - family sat on one side, church officials on ...
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Heinrich Himmler: How a fake stamp led to the Nazi SS leader's capture

A document vital to the capture of top Nazi Heinrich Himmler has been unearthed in the UK 75 ...
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Coronavirus: Protective badges and cannabis claims fact-checked

Social media is awash with posts containing fake and misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic.We've been fact-checking some ...
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Coronavirus in the Maldives: The couple trapped on never-ending honeymoon

It began with a wedding in Egypt's capital Cairo on 6 March: eight years after they first met, ...
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Biden apology after saying black voters considering Trump 'ain't black'

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden is in damage limitation mode after saying African Americans "ain't black" if ...
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Week in pictures: 16-22 May 2020

A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week, as people react to the spread ...
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Which countries does US think handled virus best?

Americans had praise for South Korea, mixed feelings on the UK, and criticism for China.
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