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Kenyan policeman wakes up from coma to find he was sacked

Neither his family nor the police force could locate Reuben Kimutai Lel, who was actually in hospital.
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Jitender Maan Gogi: India gangster shot dead in Delhi court

Two men dressed as lawyers opened fire in court on a man police detained on charges of murder ...
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German election: Who could succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor?

A lacklustre lead candidate and a surprisingly strong Social Democrat have blown the race wide open.
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Haitian migrants at US border: 'We've been through 11 countries'

Fiterson's hellish seven-year journey through 11 countries explains migrants' desperation at US border.
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Gabby Petito case: The missing Americans you don't hear about

Keen public interest in the Gabby Petito case has renewed the urgency of other missing person cases.
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Migrants freezing to death on Belarus-Poland border

The BBC finds stranded migrants facing sub-zero temperatures amid a row between Poland and Belarus.
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Thousands remain at Haitian migrant camp in Texas

Local officials have struggled to provide food and sanitation to the Haitian migrants.
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Angela Merkel: What will Germans miss about the chancellor?

BBC Europe editor Katya Adler takes a road trip to find out how Germans will remember their chancellor.
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German elections 2021: 'Bazooka man' Olaf Scholz bidding for chancellor

The centre-left finance minister has led the polls in the run-up to the vote to succeed Angela Merkel.
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German elections: How Angela Merkel changed her country

Young people have never known another leader, and many worry for the future as old certainties shift.
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