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Narendra Modi’s popularity slips as Covid crisis hammers India

Narendra Modi’s popularity has fallen during India’s deepening Covid crisis, according to an opinion poll, as the country ...
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Biden hopes to revive long march of women back into US workforce

When the pandemic arrived in Levittown, Pennsylvania last year, Nicole Heary hurried to readjust her work schedule as ...
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Boris Johnson’s Conservatives win Hartlepool by-election

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have secured a victory in the once solidly Labour parliamentary seat of Hartlepool in a ...
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Buy-to-let landlords spread their bets away from London

When Ayesha Ofori began buying homes to rent out in 2012, London was at the front and centre ...
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Has America had enough of war?

On a Tuesday evening in March, veterans of America’s war in Afghanistan are sitting at an outdoor patio ...
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Northern Ireland’s uneasy centenary

A hundred years ago, no one in Ireland wanted partition. Unionists would have preferred the entire island to ...
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Science Museum trustee quits over ‘contested heritage’ demands

A trustee at one of Britain’s top museum groups has withdrawn her reappointment application in protest at being ...
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Rob Speyer bets workers will return to the (fancier) office

If the Covid-era sky is falling on commercial real estate then someone neglected to tell Rob Speyer.The chief ...
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Spain finds a new rightwing champion

Communism or liberty. The slogan of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the conservative contender in the election for the Madrid ...
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Pharma industry fears Biden’s patent move sets dangerous precedent

Profits in the pharmaceutical industry are protected by a fortress of patents that guarantee drugmakers a stream of ...
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