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‘Foreign agent’: Putin’s new crackdown on the opposition

Ksenia Fadeeva was born and raised in Tomsk, the Russian city in the heart of Siberia. She attended ...
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Venezuelan opposition envoy quits as anti-Maduro coalition frays

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s diplomatic envoy to the UK has resigned from her post in the latest ...
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A murder in Tehran may signal elections in Jerusalem

A helicopter trip by the lame-duck US secretary of state to a Jewish winery built on occupied Palestinian ...
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Watchdog calls for UK government to provide evidence for PPE contracts

Ministers need to provide evidence for why multimillion pound contracts for personal protective equipment went to certain suppliers ...
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UK fishing industry caught between rock and hard place on trade talks

Boris Johnson has vowed to take back control of the UK’s “spectacular maritime wealth” but at 6am on ...
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The Georgia Senate races that will define Joe Biden’s presidency

John Lewis looms large in Clayton County. The civil rights activist and longtime congressman, who died in July ...
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Biden appoints women from Obama and Clinton teams to top jobs

US president-elect Joe Biden has given top economics and communications positions to former aides to Barack Obama and ...
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Machine guns and a hit squad: the killing of Iran’s nuclear mastermind

The hit squad behind last week’s deadly attack on the man long thought to be the mastermind of ...
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EU proposes fresh alliance with US in face of China challenge

The EU will call on the US to seize a “once-in-a-generation” opportunity to forge a new global alliance, ...
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Bulgaria joins Europe’s awkward squad

Hristo Ivanov was broadcasting live on Facebook outside a Black Sea villa in July, when three beefy guards ...
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