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Coronavirus latest: Delta strain more than 60% more transmissible than previously dominant Alpha

The rate of Covid-19 vaccinations reported in the US rose for a fifth straight day, stemming a slide ...
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Wuhan lab row threatens US-China co-operation in science

In 2004, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signed an agreement with the Chinese National Influenza ...
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The ‘war on woke’: who should shape Britain’s history?

The “refreshment room” of Tate Britain once had all the relaxed charm of a dungeon. Diners were squeezed ...
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Multinationals shrug off G7 tax assault

If some of the most powerful multinationals have had a bomb put under them, you wouldn’t know it ...
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World’s most liveable city? Adulation leaves Auckland residents puzzled

It boasts beautiful beaches, a temperate climate and a multicultural population that has fostered an eclectic mix of ...
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China rushes through bill tightening ban on abiding by western sanctions

China’s parliament rushed through a law on Thursday designed to counter sanctions imposed by foreign governments against Chinese ...
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G7 leaders to pledge 1bn Covid-19 vaccine doses for poorer countries

Leaders of the G7 economies convening in the UK will announce a pledge to provide 1bn coronavirus vaccine ...
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Lurching towards a new era in freedom of movement

At the end of May, I stuffed some clothes and a couple of literary periodicals into a rucksack ...
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Biden-Johnson talks undermined by ‘deep concerns’ over Northern Ireland

Joe Biden will meet Boris Johnson in person for the first time on Thursday, with hopes over a ...
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James Biden abandons UK energy venture after White House review

President Joe Biden’s brother James has abandoned a clean-energy project in the UK after a White House review ...
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