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US companies cling to share buybacks despite collapse in profits

Corporate America is finding it hard to kick the share buyback habit, even after the US slipped into ...
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Trump has no power to delay election, experts say

Donald Trump on Thursday raised the possibility that the upcoming US presidential election in November should be postponed. ...
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US economy suffers sharpest postwar quarterly contraction

The US economy contracted by the most in postwar history in the second quarter as unprecedented shutdowns closed ...
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ETFs are the canary in the bond coal mine

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, policymakers and pundits have wondered what would happen to the cogs of ...
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Heathrow says UK travel policy amounts to ‘quarantine roulette’

Heathrow airport has warned that the UK risks being left behind other European countries unless the government rapidly ...
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Aston Martin accounting error caused carmaker to understate 2019 loss

The new owners of Aston Martin have identified accounting errors at its US business that led the luxury ...
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US Treasuries: the lessons from March’s market meltdown

Kevin Walter’s work-from-home experiment lasted mere hours. On March 12, the Barclays trader was so alarmed by the ...
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Tech giants invoke American dream to defend their power

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Sundar Pichai and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. © AP Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet ...
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Trump defends hydroxychloroquine after sharing viral video

Donald Trump pivoted just last week to adopt a more serious tone on the coronavirus pandemic © Bloomberg ...
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US blacklisting fails to derail ambitions of Chinese AI start-ups

China’s leading artificial intelligence start-ups Megvii and SenseTime are raising money and winning overseas contracts despite landing on ...
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