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Amazon braces for winter of demand with relentless expansion

Speaking to investors recently, having weathered the storm of the first wave of a global pandemic, Amazon’s chief ...
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US investors pivot to ‘blue wave’ as odds favour Biden

Shifts in markets, from US government bonds to small-cap stocks, suggest investors are starting to prepare for the ...
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After deepfakes, a new frontier of AI trickery: fake faces

“Alfonzo Macias” looks unremarkable at first glance — bearded, bespectacled, with a short widow’s peak. But his strangely ...
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Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns

A fracking binge in the American shale industry has permanently damaged the country’s oil and gas reserves, threatening ...
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British youth count cost of Covid on their future

Alan Davies began this year where the country needed him most: working in a care home with elderly ...
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Samuel Brittan, economics editor, 1933-2020

Sir Samuel Brittan occupied a unique position in British intellectual life. At the core were his writings on ...
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Militias on standby as Trump warns of rigged election

The FBI’s disruption of a plot by the Wolverine Watchmen to kidnap the Democratic governor of Michigan has ...
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Renminbi sinks after PBoC responds to biggest rally in 15 years

A historic rally in China’s renminbi halted on Monday after the country’s central bank cut the cost of ...
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The Great Wall (Street) of China

At the high point of Donald Trump’s relationship with Xi Jinping, when they met in Beijing three years ...
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Five things to watch in US bank earnings season

Wall Street’s biggest banks report their earnings this week against a backdrop of rising optimism. Since the start ...
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